Welcome to the NLTCBMBC News page! Let’s kick this off with a report on our first official NLTCBMBC event, the Thunder Track at Herne Hill Velodrome. Click through for the report, photos and full results. Thunder Track 1

This day almost didn’t happen. August 15 had been reserved for the LFGSS Track Day X, however the hire costs at Herne Hill Velodrome had increased and new rules meant the event had to be organised through British Cycling for the insurance cover. It looked unlikely that the event was going to run but NLTCBMBC, all long-standing members of the LFGSS community, decided it would be too great a loss to the grassroots racing calendar if it was cancelled, and stepped in to help make it happen. And thus Thunder Track was born.

Thunder Track 2

After very appropriate thunder and lightning storms on Thursday, the weather gods smiled on the day with sunshine and not too much wind (except for the omnipresent headwind on the back straight). We had a great turn out of racers, first timers and the more experienced alike. There was a strong mens field of 31 which was split into A and B categories, and a very impressive women’s field of 15.

It was great to see various local teams/crews rocking up and taking part. Team Full Denim Jacket (FDJ – not to be confused with the French pro cycling team), a new team spawned from the belly of Fixed Gear London, made an impressive debut with Dan Cooper aka Coops winning the scratch race and coming 3rd in the devil and Duke took a 3rd in the B’s Devil. Owen Blandy of East London Fixed showed consistency by placing 2nd or 3rd in nearly every fiercely fought men’s A race.

Defi Collective started well with Chris placing 2nd in the B’s devil before unfortunately crashing out in the Hare & Hound (heal up soon Chris!) and Marlon took victory in the men’s B sprint final. Velociposse proved they’re not just pretty faces with extraordinary rides by Imogen and Lina who cleaned up in almost every women’s race. Last but not least were the NLTCBMBC riders themselves who represented in every race and racked up a respectable number of wins and podiums. Well, we can’t let everyone else have all the fun can we? Special mention to Indra who casually dominated the open to all track stand competition, beer in hand like a boss.

Thunder Track 3

We were truly lucky to have an enviable pot of prizes from our sponsors and friends. The grand prize was a Dura Ace track wheelset generously donated by the Red Bike Shop in Highbury, which was awarded in a random draw from the winners of every race to Lina from Velociposse. We love fairness and equality here at NLTCBMBC!

Thunder Track 3

The other prizes were a veritable trove which hopefully made the racing even more rewarding for those who took part and might encourage some to come back and race again. The prize ‘table’ included prizes from Yard Sale Pizza, Look Mum No Hands!, Cadence, Jehu, Restrap, Mechanical Vandal, Little Beard, We Are The Foxes and more stuff from the Red Bike Shop. Every single racer also received a 20% off voucher at Yard Sale and a 10% off voucher at Cadence.

Thunder Track 4

Our Thunder Track was a thundering success and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which has given us a great boost and will set the foundations for more NLTCBMBC events later this year and in 2016. Watch this space!

Pictures of the day:

Sumo’s Flickr album

Caz’s Flickr album

Rob’s Flickr album

Ho’s Flickr album

Here are the full results of the day:

###Men Scratch

1st Dan Cooper, Full Denim Jacket

2nd Jordan G

3rd James Corlett, Dulwich Paragon

###Women Scratch

1st Imogen Humphries, Velociposse

2nd Jess Morgan, NLTCBMBC

3rd Corinne Price

###Men A Points

1st Atiba, Twickenham CC


3rd Owen Blandy, East London Fixed

###Men B Points

1st Henry Summers, NLTCBMBC

2nd Loic, LFGSS

3rd Thomas Carding, NLTCBMBC

###Women Points

1st Corinne Price

2nd Imogen Humphries, Velociposse

3rd Lina B, Velociposse

###Men A Devil

1st Atiba, Twickenham CC

2nd Owen Blandy, East London Fixed

3rd Dan Cooper, Full Denim Jacket

###Men B Devil

1st Henry Summers NLTCBMBC

2nd Chris McGlynn, Defi Collective

3rd Duke, Full Denim Jacket

###Women Devil

1st Imogen Humphries, Velociposse

2nd Jess Morgan NLTCBMBC

3rd Lina B, Velociposse

###Men B 3 lap dash

1st Marlon, Defi Collective

2nd Henry Summers, NLTCBMBC

3rd Jevi, East London Fixed

###Men A 3 Lap Dash

1st Atiba,Twickenham CC

2nd Rob Green, NLTCBMBC

3rd Owen Blandy, East London Fixed

###Women 3 Lap Dash

1st Imogen Humphries, Velociposse

2nd Lina B, Velociposse

3rd Corinne Price