BOOM! New kit drop 2021

It’s been a weird time lately, we all know that. 2020 came and went and we were stuck indoors and not able to race (unless you count Watopia…). We started last year with a lot of plans and were excited to get racing, but we hadn’t finalised our kit design – then lockdown happened. Luckily that gave us some time to reset and think about what we really wanted the new kit to look like.

This year we teamed up with Rapha to make our custom “ThunderCamo” kit and we are super stoked with the results! The main panels are covered in a camouflage made from our team symbols – cat heads, pizzas, lightning bolts and crucifixes – and this is offset with some bold gold logos and the classic Rapha armband in a contrast white camo.

We can’t wait to get racing in it and get some warmer weather so we can rock the short sleeves!

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