Off The Street Round 3 – Cyclopark

Photo by Said Portilla from Cafeteros de Colombia

The Thundercats at One Life Cycle’s Off the Streets Fixed Crit Extravaganza

Jo – Calvin Cheung

After a rainy postponement from Saturday to Sunday the Thundercats headed down to Gravesend for some wild Fixed racing. Jo, Rob M and Kitty (me!) were on the starting roster and ready to take on a full day of racing. So what was in store for us?

Kicking off the day was a warm up and course test. The hill that kicked into a hairpin (with a headwind!) was a nightmare for picking gearing. After some careful consideration we came to a consensus thanks to Jo’s well stocked track gearing bag and gear length knowledge!

The day was running slightly behind but the running order was pretty much as shown by the Off the Streets running order. A good mix of action throughout the day with plenty of coffee, energy drinks and great food.

Image from Off The Streets
Rob – K. Rotchelle

The Qualifying Races

Race one was a flat out time trial which was 1 speedy lap of the circuit (all the hairpins cyclopark has to offer). A lot of the first racers crashed so we stuck to a plan and took the lines cautiously. The lap was around 900m and had 6 corners, one of which was led into by a tail-wind and a hill!

From these TT results we were gridded and grouped for our qualifying races. The format was now an elimination race, safe to say we were all thinking about the best way to make it round and not be at the back. Rob was raring to go, even after feeling a bit peaky before the race, and did a heroic pull through the elimination. Jo and I ended up in the only women’s 3 person race whereas everyone else went head to head. Some great teamwork and we smashed it round the turns and progressed to the finals for a Thundercat-Heavy event.

Trackstand – K. Rotchelle

Longest Lap

Race 3 saw a longest lap! Jo and Rob were on baby duty, the Thunderkittens are our number one fans. So I managed to channel my inner Jo and trackstand at the line only to be pipped at the sprint by Abbie Dentus for a second place.

Thunderkittens – K Rotchelle

The Finals

After a long day Jo and I qualified for the final with Harriet Ashworth and Abbie Dentus. It was a final elimination with all to play for.

Jo and I worked hard as a team and managed to keep control in the first 2 laps. In lap 1 we held the front and sprinted through at the end leaving Abbie and us for the podium positions. Lap 2 saw Abbie leading the lap with us all sprinting into the final bend where I was knocked out for a 3rd place finish.

After riding the grass back for the final showdown I saw a hair raising lap between Jo and Abbie culminating in a photo-finish sprint where Abbie took Jo’s inside line and she missed out on a 1st by a bike length!

Jo after the sprint – K Rotchelle
Podiums – Calvin Cheung


After an epic effort from Rob, Jo and I, we were rewarded by a double Thundercat podium in 2nd and 3rd!

After a long day we helped pack up and enjoyed a quick ride back up to the station.

A big thank you to One Life Cycles and their sponsors for another cracking Off the Streets. We can’t wait for the next one, we’re looking for that number 1 spot!

One Wheelie – K Rotchelle

Wheelie Cool

Off The Streets also has a variety of wheelie racing. From eliminations to no wheel laps the nerve of the Wheelie Riders is to be massively admired.

We even had a fixed gear rider (Barry – bazza_onna_mazza) riding without a fork!

The race was really tight with the time trial section giving a great spectacle. This session had an off-road loop where not only was the Wheelie Riders’ wheelie skills tested but also their shredding!

We hope the next edition of OTS will have an equally exciting Wheelie contingent.

They brought a fantastic spin to the day and gave the Thundercats a potential new race to enter…?

By Kitty

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