Jude Hits Up Mountbatten

This year at the NLTCBMBC we have introduced the Thunderflow team – a team of promising riders who may not have an extensive race history, but have the promise of some incredible riding! We hope to support these riders to meet their goals and shred circuits up and down the country.
Thunderflow rider, Jude, has written a race report for his first race – Mountbatten.

I rode my first Cat 4 road race at Mountbatten a couple of weeks ago and it’s safe to say I’ve got the bug for it. I came into it having no idea what to expect, I didn’t know how my fitness would stack up to everyone else’s or how the race would play out.

I tried to keep cool during the first half of the race, just surfing wheels trying not to stick myself out in the wind, but as the race went on my legs were feeling good so i worked my way up to the front of the pack, where I did some work in chasing down some attacks.

As the 10 lap board came up I slipped back into the pack to try and conserve some energy for a sprint, and the bunch stayed mostly together until the final two laps, where I managed to move up to 4th wheel as the pack strung out.

As we were coming into the final turn i launched an early sprint to try and catch anyone on my wheel of guard to prevent leading anyone to the finish and managed to keep my 4th position until the end.

I couldn’t be happier with this considering it was my first race so here’s hoping I can improve on it in races to come.

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