I started riding about three years ago when I was just big enough to fit my dads old cx bike and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I started just on the road, but promptly got my first fixed gear just months later for commuting to college, and started some weekend gravel rides too. I got my first track bike last year, started training and did my first races at fixed beers crit league. I’ve since started a Computer science degree at the University of Southampton, got myself on the boards of Calshot velodrome and swung my leg over a road bike for some more varied racing this year. 

Top 3 past results
1st Overall – hill bomb series 2021
6th – Fixed beers crit league round 4 B
10th – Fixed beers crit league round 3 B

Favourite number

Favourite pre-race tune
Rat Boy – I Wanna Skate

Favourite pizza topping
Chicken & Pesto

Spotify training playlist