Favourite north climbs

A long winter with nowhere to go (Girona or Gran Canaria wasnt an option really), I was craving for some much needed adventure on bikes. We decided to take a 2 week van trip up north in May in the hopes of getting in at least a bit of nice riding and the north has … More

The Pennine Rally: All Packed Up

This week I’m joined by Rob and Lyle on the Rapha Pennine Rally. It’s 5 days from Edinburgh to Manchester, off road with 517km distance and 8000m of elevation.  Why a rally? We’re not racing, we’re taking it all in. Getting this amazing opportunity to explore the arguably the most beautiful parts of the UK. … More

Fixed Beers Crit League Round 1 22/05/2021

Fixed Beers Crit League Race Report Herne Hill Velodrome Herne Hill Velodrome is a hub of all things bike. So why not extend that to the exciting world of Fixed Gear? For the 2019 Fete du Velo HHV put in a section of cobbling to make the Velodrome multipurpose as a rad crit circuit. Let … More

New Kit Vibes

We’re still feeling our new ThunderCamo kit. So much so, that we couldn’t resist getting our Slav squats on and pressing play on some Eastern European Hard Bass. Built for racing. Perfect for raving.

ThunderCrit’s new categories

In the past we’ve always strived for equality and to be one of the most open and inclusive races out there. Since the very beginning, we’ve offered equal prizes for the men and women’s race. But we recognise that as society evolves, cycling should too and so in 2021 we are changing our format. Gender … More

BOOM! New kit drop 2021

It’s been a weird time lately, we all know that. 2020 came and went and we were stuck indoors and not able to race (unless you count Watopia…). We started last year with a lot of plans and were excited to get racing, but we hadn’t finalised our kit design – then lockdown happened. Luckily … More

Women’s cycling and Red Hook Crit

2018 has seen many positive in the cycling world. A few of the highlights included women’s races getting equal pay-outs, longer and more exciting stages, perhaps slightly more tv and media coverage and in general more buzz around it. There was an epic win by Anna van der Breggen at the World Road Champiopnships and … More

ThunderCrit 3 – Women’s Race

Now in its third year, Thundercrit has proven itself as one of the top fixed crit events of the race season. It was so great to see all the riders arrive from all over the UK and from across the globe, this event gets bigger every year and watching it grow makes me feel proud … More


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